The Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB) was established in 1964 under the Mauritius Agricultural Marketing Act of 1963 as a measure recommended by both the Meade and Balogh reports to promote diversification of agriculture.

Our Vision

To be an internationally competitive partner for the Agribusiness and Agro-Industry.

Our Mission

To maximize consumer satisfaction by providing high quality & innovative products & services reliably and cost effectively.

Our Values

Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better, faster, first. Serve and improve the communities in which we live.


The objectives of the AMB are to:

  • To encourage local production of as much of the country’s food requirements as is economically feasible.
  • To ensure that marketing costs are at a minimum, consistent with satisfying consumer demand.
  • To limit price fluctuations in line with consumer preferences.
  • To operate its installations and other resources with maximum efficiency for the benefit of producers and consumers.
  • To regulate standards and quality of products falling under its control

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Constitution of the Board

The Board comprises of the following members:

  • Chairman
  • Representative of Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
  • Representative of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
  • Representative of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection
  • Registrar of Cooperative Societies or his Representative
  • Not more than 7 nor less than 5 independent members

Committees and Meetings

The Sub Committees of the Board are:

  • Supplies Committee
  • Staff Committee
  • Finance and Tender Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Quota Committee
  • Not more than 7 nor less than 5 independent members

Other committees of the Board include:

  • Seeds Committee
  • National Potato Committee
  • Onion Committee
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