Freight Rebate Scheme

The Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB) is a self-financed parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security(MOA & FS). The AMB was established in 1964 to implement food security strategies and to expand the local production of strategic crops like onions, potatoes and garlic.

The Freight Rebate Scheme is being implemented and managed by the Agricultural Marketing Board for and on behalf of the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security and the Economic Development Board Mauritius.

Purpose of the scheme

To promote the exportation of various agricultural products grown in Mauritius and to increase local production of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Details of the scheme

Trade Promotion & Marketing Scheme (TPMS) for Exports to Europe

Extension of the Support for Trade Promotion & Marketing Scheme (TPMS) for Exports to Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan,Vietnam, Middle East Countries, and United States of America (USA)

The Support for Trade Promotion and Marketing Scheme is as follows:

• A 60% refund on air freight costs effective for exports as from July 2023 to June 2024

• A capping of Rs30 million per applicant irrespective of destination (eligible markets only) for the Financial year ending June 2023

Export to Other Countries other than those under TPMS

Exports  will continue to benefit from a rebate of 25% on chargeable weight at a rate of Rs 30.45 per Kg paid on selected produce in the minimum weights shown below;

1. Fruits

Selected Produce Minimum Weight Exported
Avocados 100 Kg
Fruits de Cythere 50 Kg
Litchis 200 Kg
Passion Fruits 25 Kg
Pineapples 50 Kg
Star Fruits(Caramboles) 50 Kg

2. Vegetables

Selected Produce Minimum Weight Exported
Anguives 50 Kg
Breadfruits 300 Kg
Fine Beans & Extra Fine Beans 25 Kg
Green Chillies 25 Kg
Greens(Bredes) 25 Kg
Palm Hearts 50 Kg
Moringa 25 Kg
Colocassia 25 Kg
Bitter Gourd 50 Kg
Ridged Gourd 50 Kg
Lady Finger 50 Kg

3. Flowers

Selected Produce Minimum Weight Exported
Anthuriums 100 Kg
Orchids 100 Kg
Decorative foliage, ornamentals & associated parts 100 Kg


Refunds will be effected by the Agricultural Marketing Board on behalf of the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security after necessary approval of relevant authorities (SFWF & FAREI).

FRS under MOA & FS

Exporters of the selected produce must first register themselves with the Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB).

Download Registration Form for Exporters

All producers of selected produce must be duly registered with the Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF) and the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI).

The eligible selected produce is either unprocessed or minimally processed (i.e. produce which is peeled and vacuum packed or peeled, sliced/carved and vacuum packed or peeled, dried and vacuum packed).

NB: Pickles and other produce in jars/food containers will not be eligible for participation under this scheme.

The scheme will only be applicable to produce exported to countries with which Mauritius has international trade relations.


The rebate will be payable in the following manner;

  • 12.5 % on chargeable weight at a rate of Rs. 30.45 per Kg to the exporter after exportation
  • 12.5 % on chargeable weight at a rate of Rs. 30.45 per Kg to the producer(s) after exportation

Download Rebate/Claim Form

(Editable format is available upon request)

And subject to the following:

  1. Filling in of the required forms

Applications will be entertained up to a maximum of 60 days after exportation has occurred(Late applications will not be accepted)

2. Provision of all requisite information and proof required after exportation which shall include:

(Mandatory Documents)

2.1 Application form for refund of freight
2.2 Exporter’s invoice showing Consignee, airway bill  number, produces, gross weight, net weight, etc
2.3 Original airway bill duly signed and sealed
2.4 Memorandum receipt duly signed and sealed
2.5  Bill of Entry for export duly signed and sealed
2.6 *** Producers’ receipts/agreement with producers clearly showing Tax Account Number, bank account details and duly signed

***Download Producer Receipt

(Optional Documents)

2.7 Packing lists
2.8 Export permits
2.9 Certificates of origin
3.0 Original bank advice
3.1 Phytosanitary certificate

NB: Exporters must be aware that as the funds available under this scheme for each calendar year are limited, all rebates will be made on a first come first served basis until the depletion of the said funds. Disclosure of TAN is not mandatory.

All forms and necessary documents should be addressed and deposited to:

Accounts Department

c/o Agricultural Marketing Board

Leclezio Avenue


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Accounts Department of AMB on the following numbers or email address;

Tel: 433 4025

Fax: 433 4837


FRS under TPMS


1.0 The Guidelines

These Guidelines are issued under section 5(2)(ca) of the Economic Development Board Act 2017 (EDB Act).

These Guidelines set out the terms and conditions governing the rebate under the Trade Promotion and Marketing Scheme (TPMS). The TPMS may be terminated or amended at any time, without prior notice. The EDB or Government of Mauritius will not bear any liability where this has been so terminated or amended.


2.0 Objective

The objective of TPMS is to give a boost to, and support, manufacturing companies and exporting agents in their quest to penetrate the eligible markets faster by making use of air shipment and hence, to enhance product delivery in terms of Speed-to-Market and increase the competitiveness of local manufacturing products.

3.0 The Rebate

    1. The TPMS is presently valid up to 30th June 2024.
    2. Those eligible under the TPMS will benefit as follows:
    • (i) For agricultural products, 60% refund of:
      1. Air Freight Cost (All in prices) including Fuel Surcharge and Security Surcharge, and
      2. Sea-Air Freight Cost (for the Mauritius- Reunion Island CDG Paris route).
        The rebate will be equally shared between the Planter and the Exporter who will each be eligible to 30%.
    1. The rebate is capped at Rs30 Million per Applicant irrespective of destination (Eligible Markets only) for the financial year ending June 2024.


4.0 Eligibility Requirements

In order to benefit from the TPMS, the applicant should –

  1. be an Eligible Beneficiary requesting for a rebate in relation to an export of an Eligible Product made to an Eligible Market.
  2. hold an Export Development Certificate*.
  3. Enrol for the Scheme.


5.0 Eligible Products

All fruits, flowers and vegetables are eligible.


6.0 Eligible Markets

The markets listed out in Annex 1 shall qualify as eligible markets.

7.0 Company Registration

 Companies must register themselves once by filling the REGISTRATION FORM and send to EDB for validation and approval with copies of the following documents:

  1. Business Registration Number Card
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Bank Account No

 The registration form duly filled may be deposited at the Agricultural Marketing Board.

Download TPMS Registration Form
(Editable format is available upon request)

8.0 Claim For Refund

  1. Claim Forms for exports of Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables must be submitted to Agricultural Marketing Board with the following documents.
    1. Air Waybill (AWB) or House Air Waybill (HAWB)
    2. Commercial Invoice
    3. MRA Customs Declaration Form
    4. Certified VAT Invoice from Freight Forwarding Agent/Courier Service (with costs breakdown of freight components)
    5. Receipt of payment from Freight Forwarding Agent/Courier Service
    6. Certificate of Origin 
    7. Gate Pass/Memorandum
  1. TPMS Claims should be submitted within six months from the date of export/flight departure.
  2. The EDB shall examine the claims and reserves the right to request for such additional documents as may be required.
  3. The claim will be rejected
    1. If the Claim does not meet the criteria as set out above and as determined by the EDB; or
    2. in case of any missing or incomplete document or information

9.0 False or Misleading Declaration

  1. It is an offence under section 39 (2) of the Economic Development Board Act, for a person to give information, particulars, or documents or to make any statement which is false or misleading in any material particular. On conviction, an offender shall be liable to a fine not exceeding MUR 500,000.00 and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years.
  2. In addition, notwithstanding any other action that the EDB may choose to take, in case of a false or misleading declaration:
    1. The applicant will not be eligible for any future rebate under any Scheme administered by the EDB, and
    2. The applicant shall be liable to refund any amount obtained under the Scheme.

For any additional details you may contact Mr Pravin Soburrun on +230 2033825 or by email or Mrs Reshma Napaul on +230 2032446 or by email


These guidelines may be subject to changes at any time. Any other information or document not listed above may be requested depending on the application.

Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the information provided herein is accurate and correct at the time of publication, users of this publication are advised to seek guidance from the Economic Development Board in case of uncertainty or ambiguity encountered in reading this manual. The Economic Development Board shall, in no circumstances whatsoever, be held liable to any person arising from use of information contained herein.

TPMS Guidelines

Applicant Guidelines TPMS

Enrolment Form-Incentives for Exports

Annex1 TPMS Eligible Markets

Eligible countries in Africa

Eligible Countries in Europe

Eligible Countries in the Middle East

Eligible countries in the USA



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