National Wholesale Market Launching


Operating Hours for Receipt and Sales of articles

Opening Hours 05.00 to 17.00 hrs
Delivery of articles, especially fine herbs and spices, by Suppliers From 05.00 hrs to 6.00 hrs
Sale of vegetables
& Sale of fruits
06.00 hrs to 11.45 hrs
Cleaning hours 11.45 hrs to 12.30 hrs
Delivery of articles 12.30 hrs to 16.30 hrs

Note: NWM will normally operate every day of the week except Wednesday and Sunday

Contact Us

Five Ways , Moka,  Republic of Mauritius

Our Fax
+230 673 1342

Our Vision

A modern market infrastructure, operating on a demand-based supply strategy for improved sustainability of the vegetable, fruit and flower sectors.

Our Mission

Improving the livelihood of the producers in the vegetable, fruit and flower sectors and providing quality produce, at an affordable price, to the consumers.


The objectives of the AMB are:

  • To improve the livelihood and sustainability of the producers;
  •  To provide quality produce, at an affordable price, to the consumers;
  • To ensure more transparency, traceability and accountability;
  •  To be financially sustainable.

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