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The Seeds Unit of the AMB currently deals with the following products:

Potato Seeds

Plantation Season: April to August

Garlic Seeds

Plantation Season: March to July

Bean Seeds

Availability: All year round

Onion Seeds

Plantation Season: March to July

Potato Seeds

The AMB plays a crucial role in the potato industry in Mauritius by ensuring that adequate quality seeds (both local and imported) are available to the potato planting community.

Around 35% of our potato seeds requirement are produced locally. Local potato seeds are produced in conformity with the standards laid down by the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI).

The main varieties of potato seeds are Spunta (Local and Imported) and Delaware (Imported). The imported seeds originate principally from the Netherlands and Australia.

Every year, the AMB in collaboration with FAREI test and evaluate new potato varieties for ware production, processing and tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Garlic Seeds

So as to continue with the Government policy to increase local production of garlic, the AMB purchases garlic seeds at a premium price and also proposes a floor price for table garlic to local growers.

Bean Seeds

Every year, the AMB procures the popular Long Tom variety of bean seeds from its international supplier Pop Vriend Seeds B. V. (Netherlands) for sale at a competitive price to planters.

In addition to the Long Tom Variety, the AMB also procures another bean seeds variety known as Vilbel (France) as and when required.

Onion Seeds

With a view to provide a service to the planting community, the AMB continues to procure onion seeds (varieties recommended by FAREI) from (i) local growers through the Quality Declared Scheme (QDS) and (ii) international companies through their local representatives.

The main varieties of onion seeds are Francia (Local), Bellarose (Local), Nun 7272 (Imported), Noflaye (Imported) and Star 5529 (Imported).

Selling Price of Seeds

Products Price
Local and Imported Spunta Seeds and Imported Delaware Seeds for ware production Rs 25,000/tonne
Safari Potato Seeds N/A
Local Garlic Seeds Rs 55,000/tonne
Local Onion Bulbs ( Francia and Bellarose) Rs 45,000/tonne
Onion Seeds Francia Grade 1 N/A
Onion Seeds Francia Grade 2 N/A
Onion Seeds Bellarose Grade 1 N/A
Onion Seeds Bellarose Grade 2 N/A
Bean Seed – Long Tom N/A
Bean Seed – Bison(Approved by FAREI) Rs 250/Kg

Potato/Onion/Bean Seeds Delivery

Produce Delivery Period
Potato Seeds As from April to August
Onion & Bean Seeds Throughout the year depending on stock availability
Garlic Seeds From March to June 14

Interested growers are requested to contact their respective extension officers FAREI for information on the appropriate planting period and variety for their regions

Glass Jar & Cap

As support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the Agricultural Marketing Board markets Glass Jars and Caps.

These jars are heat resistant and suitable to store food items like pickles, honey, etc.


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